HumanOptics develops, manufactures, and sells premium intraocular implantable solutions. Our goal is to create the conditions for restoring the best possible vision to patients to improve their quality of life. We achieve that by offering a broad, highly innovative product portfolio ? from standard cataract lenses and premium products to individual custom-made solutions ? this enables us to meet the most diverse requirements of surgeons and patients.

Strength in innovation, together with outstanding technical precision (Sub-nano resolution technology), maximum quality awareness, and individual customer orientation are the guiding principles that we as a company are committed to.

An example that illustrates our customer and patient-oriented strength in innovation is the globally unique iris implant CUSTOMFLEX® ARTIFICIALIRIS.

This iris prosthesis for treating patients with injured or missing irides was awarded breakthrough device status by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). ?Breakthrough device? recognizes products considered to be groundbreaking. This status was introduced to accelerate market access for new medical products and technologies. In the context of the approval, the FDA is committed to providing rapid market access for the CUSTOMFLEX® ARTIFICIALIRIS to meet urgent medical needs.

The CUSTOMFLEX® ARTIFICIALIRIS received FDA approval on May 31, 2018.


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