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Stening is a Spanish company that manufactures a wide variety of airway devices. Classic stents for tracheal or bronchial use and a section with special prostheses, designed to treat
different unconventional clinical situations. Stening® also produces laryngology and tracheostomy devices such as T-tubes and pharyngeal tubes for adult and pediatric patients. for adult and pediatric patients. Stening® prostheses are provided with an identification card for the patient. It allows the bearer’s stent model and details of the service center to be recorded on the back.


Cabeza y Cuello

  • Tubo traqueal en T
  • Tubo traqueal en T largo
  • Tubo traqueal en T pediátrico angular
  • Stent laringeo


  • Stent traqueobronquial
  • Stent bronquial cónico
  • Stent estenosis traqueal
  • Stent traqueocarinobronquico en Y
  • Stent traqueocarinobronquico (oclusivo)
  • Stent subglotico
  • Stent pared fina
  • Stent alta presion
  • Stent bronquial conico con orificio lateral
  • Stent macizo oclusivo